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Austin Boat Mechanic: Winterizing

“Lake Travis’ only mobile boat repair service”
Serving all of Lake Travis, Texas

As the summer changes to winter and from warm to cold, so too does your boat and personal watercraft's needs change. AustinBoatMechanic.com is Lake Travis, TX's largest mobile boat and watercraft winter-izing servicer. You operate your boat hard throughout the boating season and that recreation takes its toll. Let Austin boat mechanic provide you with the yearly maintenance and cleanup that your boat wants before heading for storage. By properly winter-izing your marine craft yearly, you will lengthen its life and save money on future, high priced repairs.

Avoid the problems of trailering your boat and jet ski to your neighborhood boat mechanic for winter-izing. AustinBoatMechanic.com will winterize your boat or personal watercraft right at your home where you can watch all services as they are performed.

Mobile winterizing is the most convenient way to protect your boat. No need for hitching up and trailering the boat and jet ski, driving to a boat and jet ski repair facility, or wait in a cramped lobby for service. Simply call your local Austin boat mechanic and let us visit you!

Our inboards and I/Os engine winterizing service includes:

* Turn on and run engine to operating temperature and evaluate all systems to be certain that they are all working as expected.
* Exchange drive oil (when applicable)
* Top off all fluids such as steering fluid and anti-freeze
* Stabilize fuel system
* Change fuel filters
* Drain engine block, intake manifold and exhaust system of any type of water
* Fog the cylinders
* Battery disconnects or switch turn off service

*Fresh water systems, heads, hot water heaters, air conditioners, and shower pumps and so forth are not included in standard prices...please call us for a quote.

Our two stroke outboard engine winter-izing service includes:

* Turn on and run engine to typical operating temperature. Check to ensure all systems are working correctly
* Treat gasoline with fuel stabilizers and treatments
* Drain lower unit gear oil, inspect for any water, install replacement drain and vent seals, fill up with high performance, synthetic grade oil
* Operate engine again to typical operating temp. Fog the cylinders
* Spray water on engine with a lubricant and corrosive inhibitor to protect it during the winter
* Disconnect or turn off batteries

We also winter-ize:
* Four cycle outboard engines
* 2-cycle jetskis and personal watercraft
* 4-stroke jetskis and wave runners

Get ready for winter and protect your boat and wave runner! Winter-izing your boat and wave runner once a year is a routine service routine that shouldn't be neglected.